Workshop 1

The first workshop will focus on defining key competencies for the future-ready engineering workforce and will identify a prioritized taxonomy of the disaggregated key competencies with the essential details and context summaries to provide meaningful specificity. The result, a Future-Ready Engineering Ecosystem Competency Taxonomy (FREE-CoT), will serve as the desired student outcomes to inform the work for the second workshop.  

The first workshop series is a 2-day virtual event scheduled to take place in May 2022.  

For more information or to express interest in attending, please contact us at 

Workshop 2

The second workshop will build upon the outcomes of the first workshop to define what are the specific actions that educators, policymakers, and industry need to take to co-develop a critical mass of emerging engineers with the competencies needed to succeed in the future. A framework for the necessary changes in engineering educational programs will be identified along with the required actions to achieve these changes. The framework will also include the essential collaborative processes that must be established across the sectors to achieve the communication and feedback required for ongoing co-development. A rubric will be drafted that defines a threshold of what success looks like for each key competency. This Future-Ready Engineering Ecosystem Framework and Rubric for Action (FREE-FRA) will ultimately provide an easytocommunicate vision for a national call to action. 

The second workshop series is a 2-day virtual event tentatively planned for late Summer or early Fall 2022.